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Yiwu Zhahong Trading Co

  • Integral Logistics Service

    Integrally includes all logistics chain to guarantee a succesful purchase process.

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  • Quotations and Products Search

    We explore different markets searching for the indicated supplier and product, seeking balance between quality and price.

  • Advice on international shipping

    Coordination with shipping companies for the transport of bought goods in different chinese stores to any place in Colombia.

  • Company verifications

    Confirmation of the existence of factories or suppliers with which our clients are carrying out some type of virtual negotiation. Process carried out through consultation with government entities or personalized visits.

  • Trips planning to fairs and markets

    Hotel booking, invitation letter for visa, local transfers, guide and translator during your visit to the markets, currency exchange, communication.

We are Yiwu Zhahong Trading Co

Our Mission

Contribute to the growth of our clients through the provision of quality logistics solutions, supported by a qualified and experienced work team that allows us to create strategic alliances with multiple sectors in the Asian market.

Our Vision

Regard ourselves as the leading agent in the presentation of integral logistic services, being the first choice in profitability, efficiency and annual satisfaction of more than 15%.

Why Us

We are a highly qualified team in logistical development material with more than 15 years of experience, taking the responsibility to coordinating all process in purchasing, quality and international transportation from China to whatever part of the world, following the international standards.

Meet our team

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Guoxin securities Bulding, Yiwu Zhejiang , room 1012, 10th floor

📱Phone: 057985628198


Avenida Eldorado # 68 C-61 oficina 425

📱Líneas de Atención: 601 6958092

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